Michael Levesque
Playwright   Actor   Life Coach
A public option is the Christian thing to do

I try to keep my blogs simple and loving but this debate over health care and all the lies that the GOP and the Insurance companies are spreading  has forced me to comment. So many people on the right think they hold some kind of claim over Jesus and Christianity and yet, if Jesus were here today, a public option to health care is something i have no doubt he would embrace. it is the loving thing to do. I would encourage everyone who reads this blog to write your elected leaders, especially those on the right, and the blue dogs democrats, and tell them to pass the public option NOW. The money is there, and will follow. If we can always find the money for war, something Jesus would never embrace, we can find the money for this. the lies of Government take over etc...are not only lies but are paid for and pushed on us from the insurance companies who are making billion dollar profits every year. Do not let these leaders lie to us just so they can rake in the donations being given to them from the inusrance companies to deny us health care so they can keep us sick and themsleves rich. It's time to tell the truth about this. Thanks. Peace....ML

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