Michael Levesque
Playwright   Actor   Life Coach
 Sliding scale available for counseling
 Specializing in same sex ceremony's.
              AEA/ SAG/AFTRA
            Over 25  plays written
I am a playwright, actor and yes,
a spiritual counselor/life coach.


As crazy as that sounds and as often as I sit here and wonder how did this all manifest, I pause and laugh, because it all makes perfect sense. The Universe is perfect...
As a child I had many loves but nothing ever exceeded my love for spirit, make believe, and creating something out of nothing. I am fortunate and blessed that to this day all three have been equally intergrated into my life and I thank the Universe for every day I am here and am able to do all that I love.
Whether it is a new and inspiring play or musical,
an experienced actor, spiritual counseling or perhaps
in need of an ordained minister for your wedding, or relationship ceremony, I truly hope you find what you are looking for.