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The Creative team:

Tim Di Pasqua, Sierra Ryan, Andrew Glant Linden, Cameron Hansel, David Sabella-Mills, and Michael Levesque

David Sabella-Mills as Julian Eltinge in JULES
Chuck Gomez The Huffington Post
David Sabella-Mills soars as 20th century famed impersonator Julian Eltinge. A thoughtful and beautifully executed play that displays Eltinge's unique talents and explores the struggle with his sexuality that tore him apart. Sabella-Mills captures the gruff macho posturing as well as the femininity that turned Eltinge into a sensation in Vaudeville, on Broadway and ultimately the Silver Screen.And when Sabella-Mills lifts his voice, his rich soprano captures the artistry and vulnerability of an impersonator who wowed world-wide audiences. With period songs from Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin, "Jules" is at turns funny as it is heartbreaking. Additional music by composer Tim Di Pasqua bridges the old and the new seamlessly. As the fan who bursts into his idol's dressing room, Cameron Hansel is convincing and sometimes darn scary. Is he a gushing sycophant or something more diabolical? Playwright Michael Levesque has crafted a play true to its 20th century origins while commenting on modern day calls for "morality" in the wake of the President's endorsement of gay marriage. Relevant, thoughtful and most importantly highly entertaining.
                 Cameron Hansel in JULES
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"This is the kind of theatre I live for"
-Chita Rivera

On closing night of Jules with Michael Levesque

David Sabella-Mills, Cameron Hansel and Tim Di Pasqua at PPI studios recording music from JULES.